Sunday, October 18, 2015

Short Trip to Kancheepuram


  • All of the temples close between 1pm to 4pm.  The Sankara Mutt  
  • The trip to Kancheepuram is a day trip from Chennai.

Things that made me Mad

  • The temples are not in huge size but they are one of the oldest temples in South India with a lot of great sculptures, one of the greatest work is stone chain, about six feet long, that is
    made with one single stone.  The hallways are made with great precision and awesome workmanship.   
  • The thing that made me was the sign indicating that the non-hindus are not allowed to go beyond certain part of the temple.  In Hinduism there is no ceremony done to make one Hindu (no baptism or no Islam conversion process), so how one can say someone is Hindu !  The people at the temple were asking the white guys from going into the temple.  Wondering why these idiots go about building in the
    temples in the foreign countries and didn't have the balls to stop the non-Hindus from going into the temple.  The way the guys behave in the temple is very irritating.
  • There is a golden lizard in the Vaigundaperumal temple and touching or seeing the lizard will remove the bad luck (dhosham) and bring prosperity.
  • The murals in the Vaigundaperumal temple were not maintained well and people written their name over the murals that're more than 500 years old.  There was a long line to get into the main sanneedhi, the queue was formed in
    the hot sun instead making use of the shaded area in that area. 
  • Even though we started from Chennai very early in the morning around 515am to reach the Kamatchi temple before 7am, we were able to cover only three temples before 1pm.  Kancheepuram is not a interesting town and there's nothing interesting other than the temples.  

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